Cluster Sound CS15D Live Pack Emulates Vintage Yamaha Synth Sound

CS15D is an extensive multi-sample Live Pack reproducing the sound of the vintage Yamaha CS-15D, a great sounding monophonic analog synthesizer released in 1979.  

RELEASE DATE : 5 February 2015'"The CS-15D is a monophonic analog synth with loads of character, one of the most solid and warm single-VCO machine ever. The synth features 29 preset voices divided in two mixable channels, plus a manual section comprising a variable pulse-saw oscillator, a PW modulator, a noise generator and a 12db filter with a dedicated ADSR envelope.

Despite referred to an array of realistic instrument names (Tuba, Oboe, Horn, Harpsi, Xilophone..) the 29 presets give a variety of synthetic sounds ranging from fat basses to solid percussive organs and warm brass synths. These sounds can be altered by the Brilliance slider which acts in several interesting ways depending on the selected preset.

Cluster Sound CS15D Live Pack based on the original Yamaha CS-15D monophonic synth.

Cluster Sound CS15D Live Pack based on the original Yamaha CS-15D monophonic synth.

CS15D is based on 74 multi-sample recordings reproducing all the presets with different brilliance amounts, several variations of the VCF envelope and various manual oscillator settings (including a tuned noise). The Live Pack features 90 Instrument Racks with useful macro controls, including special Mixed Racks for easy drag ín drop customization.

Specifictions :

  • Size : 1,5 Gb
  • 74 Multi-Sample recordings
  • 90 Instrument Racks
  • 74 Sampler + 74 Simpler Devices
  • 1 Audio FX Racks
  • One sample per note (5 octaves)
  • Perfect Loop Points (no crossfading)

Host : Ableton Live 9

Price : 24 Euro - There is a free demo pack that includes 3 multi-sample instruments.

More info, free samples and MP3 demos :


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