Chords & Scales Max For Live Devices Helps You Learn Music Theory in Ableton Live (FREE)

Download these 2 free Max for Live devices designed to help you quickly find the right chords and scales inside Ableton Live while you're composing and producing. And they're FREE!  

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Great devices, but I get stuck chordtones in the LearnChords devices when going back from a complex chord to a simpler chord. Is this just a bug on my system? (OSX 10.7 and Max4Live)
Joshua Casper
What version of Max are you running. Make sure it is the most current version.
Hi, I upgraded from Max 7 to Max 7.2.3. I am using Ableton Live 9.6.1. It still has the stuck chordtones when going from a complex to a simpler chord. It is a great device, so i wish you could fix this..
Hi, downloaded the devices but the display is grey and blank. I can roll over presets and they display with mouse cursor but selections on the interface are blank.
Hi, the display on both devices are blank (grey) despite selection. The selections are visible with mouse cursor selection but display remains blank.
Joshua Casper
Make sure you are running the latest versions of Max for Live and Ableton Live
Any updates on the bugs that we have found??
dj nipun
how to install that plugin
Joshua Casper
Hi, there. Put them in your Max for Live Audio Effects folder in your Ableton Live User Library.

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