Check Out This Wearable 8-Bit Music Visualiser, Quantum VJ

Russian programmer and artist, Alexander Zolotov, has unveiled a brand new project called the Quantum VJ. Described as a wearable, 'glitch-style audio visualiser'. And it's very cool.  

Alexander is the brains and design behind PixiVisor A/V tool and SunVox modular synthesizer, and Quantum VJ is part of his effort to bring analog hardware versions to his software creations.

There’s no doubt the Quantum VJ is ultra cute and fits easily in the palm of your hand. With its 128x64 monochrome OLED screen, Quantum VJ could be on your wrist, hanging as a necklace from your neck. The built-in sound to animation converter depends on a sound source via the 3.5mm input port. But, it can also visualize electromagnetic intereference when no audio is connected.

There are five visualisation modes and they all give you that 8-bit glitchy art look.

Quantum VJ is not officially for sale, but it appears you an contact Alexander to get a custom quote.

[Via The Creators Project ]

Find out more about Quantum VJ 

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