Check Out This MAD-5 MIDI Analog Drum Machine From AVP Synth

It's not everyday we come across an analog MIDI drum machine that looks this inviting. The MAD-5 MIDI Analog Drum Box builds on the success of AVP Synth's earlier music machines. We are very excited.  

Thanks to Robin Domingo who tipped us off about the almost released MAD-5 MIDI Analog Drum Machine from AVP Synthesizers. We’ve got a few details to share and no video as yet as… but we understand from the creator, Guga Guseyn, that videos will be here soon.

In the meantime, here’s the info AVP Synthesizers have released about the soon (very, very soon) to be released MAD-5:

“We are glad to present our new MAD-5 Midi Analog Drum box photos, it's fully analog, compact, MIDI, individual outputs, and lots of control over parameters. The video will follow within a week, so stay tuned

“The first batch consists of 6 units only, next one should follow soon.”

MAD-5 MIDI analog drum machine rear 

[Via: Robin Domingo]  

Price: We've been told MAD-5 will be € 290 EUR + €60 EUR shipping  (for European customers). More info will be on the AVP Synth website once it's been updated...

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Visit AVP Synthesizers website here.


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