Chaos Culture MultiClip Editor Let's You Edit Multiple MIDI Clips in Ableton Live

Chaos Culture's MultiClip Editor is one of those game changing utilities for Ableton Live that'll wow you. Simple idea: edit multiple MIDI clips simultaneously. The solution is very powerful.  

Here's what the clever bods at Chaos Culture via Isotonik Studios (we should've known they'd be part of somethig as cool as this) have to say about MultiClip Editor for Ableton Live users:

Sometimes an idea comes to one of the team that just has to become reality, Chaos Culture's MultiClip Editor is just one of those. Born out of the code written in his LaunchPad Lightshow creating Frame Editor  Sebastian then put his attention to creating a visible piano roll to display the contents of multiple MIDI clips at the same time....

Chaos Culture - MultiClip MIDI Editor - First Look from Isotonik Studios on Vimeo.

If you can use Live's piano rolll you'll be quick to harness the power of this utility, with the ability to interact directly with the notes across multiple clips at the same time you can transpose a bunch of clips in an instant, copy the contents from one clip to another...

With two Pencil tools that allow you to draw by clicking and dragging to create long notes or a note at each grid division and the ability to hide notes that aren't within a defined scale (a kind of Fold View upgrade) you'll find your workflow increases from your first use.

Chaos Culture - MultiClip Editor

Chaos Culture - MultiClip Editor.

With Grid size adjustment, the ability to drag notes off the grid and CMD drag their velocity settings you'll not be missing any of the native features of Live Piano Roll, you'll be benefitting from being able to use them across all of your selected clips!  

MORE DETAILS - MultiClip Editor - £17.99 

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