Chaos Culture Freak-Q Is An Ableton Live EQ On Steroids With 2048 Bands!

This new MaxforLive EQ device from Chaos Culture is so much more capable than the sum of its parts. Ideal for Ableton Live-based sound designers, Freak-Q is available to download now.  

For the MaxforLive, sound designing, crazy Ableton Live producers among us comes the Chaos Culter Freak-Q distributed by Isotonik Studios. Freak-Q is the kind of equalizer that will have you distorting the frequency spectrum, adding unusual harmonics and creating weird altered soundscapes. It probably isn't the go-to device for fixing that background vocal or helping the kick to sit in the mix better.

Here's what Isotonik tells us about Freak-Q:

Freak-Q is at its most basic of description an Equaliser, thats about where the similarity ends though as instead of creating filters for a set number of bands Freak-Q has 2048 of them based on Fast Fourier Transformation.

With 2048 bands to play with the device comes into it's own when you start to automate things, as you can hear in the video even the most basic of sounds can be transformed by this MaxforLive device. 

With four individual curves summed into the master you can quickly see and hear the results. Each of the 4 available curve modules are identical. The curve editor is on the left and on the right you can find automatable parameters that modify the curve in different ways. The amount, offset and scale parameters are being updated in audio rate to allow the highest precision possible. With that you can draw very quick spikes and movements to create and shape transients.

Freak-Q is just a little different, we're bold enough to say this is not an Equalizer!

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