Catalyst Audio Introduces Time's Arrow Generative Pattern Sequencer Eurorack Module

Catalyst Audio's new Time's Arrow generative pattern sequencer in Eurorack module format. It has a number of interesting features. Check out the videos below.  

Catalyst Audio's Time's Arrow generative pattern sequencer is a Eurorack module designed to start you off with randomness. However, it doesn't stop there, there's enough control options to adjust the results while still keeping things random to a degree.

Here's a short description of the step sequencer courtesy of Matrix Synth:

"5 different 'events' Notes (CV value), Gate, Accent, Tie, and Slide. You can manually set up these events, like you would with a more traditional sequencer, but Times Arrow allows you to randomize any or all of these events either manually (button press) or via a trigger signal. Once a new pattern has been generated, that new pattern will continue to loop and will only be altered by another button press or trigger. Each "event" can have different probability settings, and each "event" can be set on a per step basis to be excluded from randomization."


  • Adjustable seq length from 1 - 16 steps 
  • Internal quantizer with 16 selectable scales 
  • Constant time (303 style) slide 
  • Buffered output voltages from 0 - 8v (8 oct range) 
  • (Pre-quantizer) Transpose input 
  • Reset to last step 
  • Forward, Backward, PingPong, Pendulum, Random, and "Drunken Walk" seqencer directions 
  • Firmware optimized for extremely low jitter and tight timing. 
  • Synchronized randomization (manual or CV triggered) of Notes, Accents, Ties, Gates, and Slides, Alt CV and Octave Offset. 
  • Independent probability settings of Notes, Accents, Ties, Gates, and Slides. 
  • Independently remove any event on any step from randomization. 
  • Sync/reset output 
  • Random stepped CV output (0-5v) 
  • Global transpose by semitones or octaves. 
  • "Slip" sequences forward or backward in time. 
  • Skiff Friendly 
  • Awesome buttons. 
  • Cat approved.
Catalyst Audio Time's Arrow eurorack module

Catalyst Audio Time's Arrow eurorack module

Price: $399

[Via: Matrix Synth]  



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