CATALIZ For Reaktor Is A New Playable Granular Synth And Beat Looper

This multi-talented new instrument for Reaktor combines looping, slicing, sampling and much more to provide a whole galaxy of ways to morph and mangle your sounds.  

The latest release from Blinksonic, CATALIZ is a granular travelizer, polyphonic tone sampler, synchronized beat looper and slicer. It lets you recycle and play all kind of samples, enhance the granular stream with a Modal Filter and a Resochord for a more physical acoustic rendering of the sound. The DSP quality in granular synthesis is provided by the embedded modules of Reaktor 6. These are recontextualized and simplified in a unique concept dedicated to live performance.

Record/overdub the envelope and the notes produced by the XY pad in real time. Manage the inertia of the playback movement over the waveform. Skip from 5 different samples on each incoming gate event with the Random and Forward mode in order to push morphing effects between sounds on your preset parameters.

A perfect device for sound designers, composers and music producers that comes with 1,84 GB of sounds of all kinds ( pads, beats, slices, noises, voices, field recordings.. ) distributed in 9 banks. An impressive collection of 500 presets which explore the various instrument scope (drones, atmos, cinematic soundscapes, SFX, whooshes, timbres and even rhythmics )


  • 2 sample engines (Grain Cloud and Beat Looper) based on Table Framework.
  • Granular engine with control of the position, density, length, pitch, reverse mode, ADSR envelope, 4 jitters modulation.
  • Beatlooper engine with control of the position, length, transpose, offset, slice size, warp speed
  • XY pad controller with inertia level to control velocity of the cursor movement and note generator on click
  • Notes and modulations recorder on 64 steps (self sequenced instrument)
  • 9 banks with up to 99 sounds (1,3GB of sounds) + 1 user bank.
  • Drop your own samples.
  • 6 sample selectors 1 for the current selection + 5 additionals that work in RND and FFW modes ( sample changes according the selection on each incoming gate events) Resochord with 20 switchable presets, pitch/fine tuning and feedback commands. Chords pitch can also be controlled by midi.
  • Space reverb with 6 types (Small Room to Endless)
  • Stereo/Binaural/Doppler effect with XY pad to control the imaging + inertia level and position recorder
  • Filter bank (Modal synthesis) with LFO + frequency control via keyboard
  • Pump Compressor and Brickwall Limiter

Price: 69 EUR until 10th May 2019, then 89 EUR


Learn Reaktor inside out:

Hollin Jones was classically trained as a piano player but found the lure of blues and jazz too much to resist. Graduating from bands to composition then production, he relishes the chance to play anything with keys. A sometime lecturer in videographics, music production and photography post production, Hollin has been a freelance w... Read More


The UI is somewhat intriguing. Although, the novelty effect would probably wear out quickly.

Interesting that the video would focus so much on touch.
“Note : Reaktor is not multitouch ready, but if you own a laptop or hybrid PC equipped with a touchscreen or an iPad/with tiers application that can be used as a second display, you can easily take advantage of the XY pad and other parameters. Monotouch is enough with this device.”

We have several options for granular synthesis, on iOS. This sounds like “touch envy”.

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