Caption Contest: 3 Memes For Music Producers

You may ask "Why?" And believe me, your truly has asked the very same question. But here it is... 3 memes related to three of the most popular DAWs in, um, unexpected places...  

One of my favorite mixing tips is to rest your ears and take a break. Producing music is a serious business, can be taxing on the ears, and it's all too easy to become engulfed by your project and lose track of... well the track!

As with all things creative, taking a step back is often a healthy thing to do... which is why we've created 3 light-hearted memes related to DAW software for you to enjoy between sessions.

And to keep your cerebral juices flowing, suggest your own caption for each one in the comments section below. The best caption will have the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing their caption to be the best amongst their peers.

Enjoy & forgive my rudimentary Photoshop hacks!

1. Bus Stop

Starting off our journey we find ourselves at a bus stop. Perhaps waiting. And whether you're a Cubase or Logic producer (or both?) this bus stop has something to keep you occupied...

Cubase at Bus Stop

 Click the images to zoom in...

Logic at Bus stop

 Insert your captions in the comments below.

2. Airport Departures

Trying to find the departure gate for your flight? Boooorrrriiiinnnngggg. How about choosing your favorite DAW instead?

Airport DAW

 Click the image to enlarge it. 

Add your caption in the comments section below.

3. Airplane Cockpit

How confident would you be with your pilots if you peeked inside the cabin and saw this?

Airplane cabin cockpit Ableton Live

 Click the image to make ti bigger. No points for guessing the DAW... but we'd love to hear your captions for each image - add them to the comments below.

... ok, now back to working on your production... or at the very least watch some of our video courses in The Academy here.

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Buses. Stocks in buses are routed!
Airport Departures. As one daw closes another one opens!
AIrplane Cockpit. Up, up and array!
3. In the constant battle not to be outdone in the Loudness War, dubstep producers are taking their risers to new heights...
Bus stop-Busses, Busses Busses ...Everywhere!! Argh!

Airport-hmmm flex time... And so many choices...

Cockpit-"How can we go to space if I can't see Space Designer!!?"
Top Bus Image:
"It looks like they are holding Mr. Incredible in the last cell from the amount of power its taking...."

Airport Departures:
"In the near future Logic XX has expanded its routing capabilities to also manage the number of flights leaving any international airport."

"Pro Tools' new Virtual Engineer Training Station: V.E.T.S "C7-47" has received rave reviews for its multi-faceted control surface featuring their new sedentary single seating design. However, customers have been complaining loudly that all other control surfaces were rendered obsolete with the embedded proprietary coding (which is also rumored to introduce a new proprietary plug-In format).
In response, Avid has announced its trade in program offering users a 5% trade in value for any hardware (but limited only to models issued in the last six months)."

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