Buy a UAD Apollo Twin or Arrow Interface, Get Free Neve, Lexicon, Fender, & UA Plug'‘Ins

A purchase of UAD's interfaces will get you a bunch of free plugins - and you can even substitute any you already own. Here's the details.  

Universal Audio has announced two new promotions for the holiday season. Now through December, customers who purchase a new Apollo Twin, Arrow, or classic rackmount Apollo interface will be eligible to receive UAD-2 hardware or software, absolutely free.

Now through December 31st, purchase and register any new Apollo Twin or Arrow audio interface and get the iconic sounds heard on thousands of hit records with exclusive UAD plug-ins from Neve, Fender, Lexicon, and UA.

The Offers

Buy an Apollo Twin QUAD Desktop Interface & get:

  • Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection
  • Oxide Tape Recorder
  • Fender ‘55 Tweed Deluxe
  • Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb
  • Galaxy Tape Echo

Buy an Apollo Twin DUO Desktop Interface & get:

  • Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection
  • Oxide Tape Recorder
  • Fender ‘55 Tweed Deluxe

Buy an Apollo Twin SOLO Desktop Interface & get:

  • Neve Preamp Plug-In,
  • Oxide Tape Recorder

Buy an Arrow Desktop Interface & get:

  • Neve Preamp Plug-In

Classic Apollo Rack Promotion

Buy and register a new Universal Audio Apollo 8 QUAD or Apollo FireWire rackmount interface between October 1st and December 31st, 2018, and get even more plug-in processing power with a free UAD-2 Satellite QUAD DSP Accelerator — for recording, mixing, and mastering with award-winning UAD plug'‘ins.

  • Buy an Apollo 8 QUAD Thunderbolt Interface & Get: UAD-2 Satellite QUAD Thunderbolt DSP Accelerator
  • Buy an Apollo FireWire Interface & Get: UAD-2 Satellite QUAD FireWire DSP Accelerator

No coupons or redemption codes are necessary. The promotional plug-ins will be automatically added to your account once you register your new Apollo Twin or Arrow interface.

Already own any of the promotional plug-ins? No problem.
See the list of eligible plug-ins you can choose from.

More on the Apollo Twin / Arrow promotion:

More on the Classic Rack / Satellite promotion:

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