Build An Awesome Bass Line Using U-He's Free Synth Podolski's Arpeggiator

Not every good synth plugin need cost an arm and a leg. Podolski from U-He is a very capable FREE synth with an awesome arpeggiator. Watch GW Childs design a cool bass pattern inside this beast.  

In this 3 minute video tutorial from the complete course, 10 FREE Synths You Can't Live Without, G.W. Childs explores U-He's Podolski. And having created a bass sound he's happy with goes on to show how to program its very capable arpeggiator.

Each step in Podolski's arpeggiator can be assigned to multiple voices if you wish. 

The result? Well, after programming a useful pattern GW Childs adjusts the filter and envelope on the sound to add movement and intruige to the bass sound:

Watch the complete course, 10 FREE Synths That You Can't Live Without, in the AskAudio Academy now.


Course Overview

Ever "hear" of these soft synths?:

  • Synth 1
  • Poldolski
  • Free Alpha
  • Helm
  • Micro Prism
  • Tyrell N6
  • Kairatune
  • Noisemaker
  • OBXD
  • Locomotion

We'll neither did we until synth expert G.W. Childs proposed this course. As it turns out, these FREE, renegade synths are the real deal! In fact, they're pretty darn inspiring! See how these creative, outside-the-box synths work, what they can do, and how you can fuse them into your musical world. We're pretty confident that once you see them in-action, you'll be downloading them right away!

So sit back. Dig in. TURN UP THE VOLUME and imagine how these synths can enhance your next production or live set.

Watch the complete course, 10 FREE Synths That You Can't Live Without, in the AskAudio Academy now.


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