Build A Four-Layer Synth Bass With Propellerhead Reason 10's Layers Module

Use Layers' four modules and library of oscillators sampled from legendary synths to create fat bass sounds and more to punch up your productions.  

As well as making Reason, Propellerhead develops its own instruments and one of the most powerful is Layers - a module that lets you stack up to four multi-sampled vintage synths on top of one another to create rich and evolving sounds. In this video from the course Reason 10 203: Layers, G.W Childs shows you how to go about building the core of a cool synth bass patch in the instrument. As always, with the Props' legendary good design, workflow is straightforward, letting you get on with the business of making sounds.

Reason 10 203: Layers

You'll see how each of Layers' four sections can be used independently to introduce different elements to the patch, blending to create a rich and textured end result. Layers actually uses samples from a bunch of classic synths as oscillators to generate sounds, and you can of course switch these around to get exactly the kind of effects you want. G.W layers up multiple sub bass oscillators to create a really fat sound, and explains that you can go much further by creating variations between these layers for a unique bass patch. In the full course you'll learn everything you need to know about this versatile Reason module, so check it out today! 

Watch the full course Reason 10 203: Layers in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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