Buchla Red Panel System Shown Off At NAMM 2019 - Video

Buchla USA has worked with Catalyst Audio to endorse the company's Buchla Eurorack format modules and now they're here. Find out more about the Red Panel System here.  

Ask.Audio publisher Steve H is a well-known fan and expert user of Buchla synths, so he was the perfect man to talk to another Buchla expert, Todd Barton, about the company's new Red Panel System - actually an endorsement of some of Catalyst Audio's modules that the two companies have worked together on. Find out exactly what the deal is in the video below.

Catalyst Audio’s Dave Small is known for building Buchla modules in the Eurorack format, and Buchla USA is now working with him and Todd Barton to bring Don Buchla’s 100 series of modules officially to Eurorack under the moniker of Red Panel.

List Of Modules

  • 106 (Six Channel Mixer)
  • 110 Quad Voltage Controlled Gate,
  • 156 Control Voltage Processor
  • 156 (modern version)
  • 158 Dual Channel Oscillator
  • 180 Dual Attack Generator
  • 112 Touch Controlled Voltage Source
  • 190 Dual Reverberator
  • 193 (Combination of 194 and 191) Dual LoPass / Bandpass Filters

They are also releasing a 6U 84HP case to go with the modules.

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