Boo Are Quality, Affordable Stands For Roland Boutique Synths

These synthesizer stands from KVgear are designed for the Roland Boutique range, but can hold a lot more. Unlike a lot of other solutions, the Boo stands are economical too.

Boo! I'm not trying to make you drop you coffee! That's the name of this new range of hardware synth and controller stands from KVgear. And if the prices are anything to go by these stands should be a hit with synthesists.

Now, we've featured stands in the past. Usually expensive, wooden, carved, ornate (well, not ornate then)... but with a focus on utilty and beauty. The KVgear Boo stand is more of a "get out of the way" stand and let the beauty of the synth speak for itself. That's not to say the Boo isn't pleasing on the eye, it's just not the primary reason you'll be rushing out to buy one for your studio. The design is ergonomic. The Boo will hold your synths safely, securely and make it easy to access cables and the rear panel which also making them playable and look presentable in your studio. And the prices? These are nice and low. Let's take a closer look at the 3 versions/tiers of Boo synth stands.

KVgear Boo stands are available in models that hold 1, 2, or 3 Roland Boutique synths.  The stands are constructed of stiff plastic side panels connected by steel tubes and sturdy knobs.  The stands are nearly invisible from some angles, helping you to focus on the control surface of your instrument.

All Boutique models fit, including the TB-03 and TR-09 which use the DK-01 tilt dock.  Notches in the Boo stands allow a K-25m with a Boutique to be positioned to fill the first tier on the stand.

The stands can hold other gear, such as a BeatStep, 303 or 606.  See the Fit Check page ( for details on which gear can fit on each stand.

"What's that Beatsep doing in my nice new stand?" said the JP-08.


  •     Ergonomic design
  •     Sleek, unobtrusive styling
  •     Rubber edges and feet to prevent squeaks
  •     Minimum footprint
  •     Lightweight
  •     Each Boutique can be removed from the stand without affecting the others
  •     Rapid tool-free disassembly

Spot the cat...

Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)

  • Boo 1:  9.98" x 4.5" x 3.6" (254 x 114 x 91 mm)
  • Boo 2:  9.98" x 9.1" x 6.66" (254 x 231 x 169 mm)
  • Boo 3:  9.98" x 9.4" x 12.3" (254 x 239 x 312 mm)

KVgear also makes a wide variety of stands for Elektrons, Volcas, Aira, and just about any other bit of electronic music gear.

KVgear have designed the Boo 3 so it is easy to access the rear of each machine.

KVgear have designed the Boo 3 so it is easy to access the rear of each machine.

Prices & Shipping 

Prices are $24, $48, $66 for Boo 1, 2 and 3 tier versions.  Discounts are available on orders over $199.

Shipping to the UK and Europe ranges from $12.50 to $34.50 depending on the size and number of stands. 

Web: Boo 1:

Web: Boo 2:

Web: Boo 3:


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