Bitwig Studio 5.1 is released!

Bitwig Studio 5.1 introduces 10 new modules — four filters and six waveshapers — with 10 different sonic personalities.

Bitwig Studio 5.1 is here, with 10 new modules — four filters and six waveshapers — with 10 different sonic personalities. Some emulate classic structures, but most achieve their own, unique sonic qualities. They can be loaded into the new audio FX containers Filter+ and Sweep or used as patch modules within The Grid. The new four filters — plus a brand-new oscillator — are also accessible as modules in Polymer, Bitwig Studio’s flagship semi-modular synthesizer. Additional voice stacking modulators have established a corresponding category, and important workflow improvements make audio editing faster and our mixer smarter.

The filters — plus a brand-new oscillator — are also part of Polymer, which means they're all accessible in every edition of Bitwig Studio. Additional voice stacking modulators have established their own category, and important workflow improvements make audio editing faster and our mixer smarter.

Sound Design Tools: Filters & Waveshapers

5.1's filters and waveshapers give you more options for coloring your sounds. All are available both as Grid modules or housed within the new Filter+ and Sweep devices. A cast of three new Character filters bring distinct personalities that can make a simple waveform dynamic and fresh, and our new formant filter speaks for itself. The six shapers provide different flavors, with each changing at various intensities. Turns out a little high-order math can sound quite nice.

Fizz can sparkle, shimmer like a phaser, or vocalize like a formant filter. Two cutoffs give you control over the main filter and the filter inside the feedback circuit.

Rasp adds brightness — and resonate nodes — around its cutoff frequency. Additional modes and controls mean the filter can go from nasal to throaty, or take a scream down to a whimper.

Ripple is a hyper-resonant circuit allowing both playful feedback or elemental destruction, with three modes: Earth, Wind, and Fire. Tends to lock onto harmonics. Good for acid sounds — or acid rain.

Vowels is a morphing formant filter with various models, pitch and frequency offsets.

Push is a soft clipper with a detailed curve. Push it lightly for juice and harder to elicit harshness.

Heat is an S-shaped clipper that starts soft but can drive hard, adding some sizzle at high levels.

Soar is a soft wavefolder that makes the quietest parts loud. Can bring out subtleties or add a zippy, metallic edge.

Howl puts different parts of the signal into the loud focus. A glitchy and snappy finish.

Shred is a non-linear wavefolder for subtle cancellation or big-time artifacts. Hissy and zappy.

Diode models the classic circuit with modern, zero-delay math. Internal bias and filter controls make it a warm, familiar option. 

Sweep and Filter+

Filter+ and Sweep bring The Grid's filters and waveshapers anywhere. These pre-patched audio FX combine modular slots, clear interfaces, and built-in modulators, bringing color and movement to any track. Each filter and shaper can be swapped out or bypassed to suit your needs, and when a new idea strikes, right-click either device to convert it into a fully-editable FX Grid patch.

Filter+ is your new go-to color box, letting you pair any of our 14 waveshapers with one of the 10 filters. It is ready for any track, channel, or nested chain and even has stereo modulation options.

Sweep is an expressive filter bank with two filter slots, one waveshaper, and a routing knob for smoothly blending through several configurations. With a joint frequency control for moving the filters together (or apart) and a one-knob stereo tilt, Sweep is good for detail work and great for performance.

And More Inside

A great DAW gives you inspiring creative tools and an environment that allows you to work on music easily and efficiently. 5.1's workflow improvements target fundamental tasks like audio editing and mixing so that you can complete tasks your way. 

Download Bitwig Studio 5.1 today to get:

  • New sound design tools including 10 new filters & waveshapers and a new oscillator
  • Audio FX containers that bring The Grid’s modules anywhere
  • More powerful voice stacking functions that deepen this unique feature of Bitwig Studio
  • Enhanced audio editing including the options Audio Quantize… and Normalize
  • A new sound package with presets for instruments and FX


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