Better Kick and Bass Combos With Waves, Brainworx and WavesFactory

In this article Darren Burgos examines three third party plug-ins that use frequency ducking to attain a better sounding kick/bass combination. Waves, Brainworx and WaveFactory are in the lab.  

The first plug-in we'll look at is Waves C6, then onto Brainworx DynEQ, then onto a new and simple effect by WavesFactory called TrackSpacer.

Waves C6, Brainworx DynEQ and WavesFactory TrackSpacer

So most of us know how to sidechain a kick to a bass to get that classic dance pumping sound, but what about using the kick to duck the bass by a specified frequency? Or, reversing the actual frequency the kick takes up onto your bass, instead of just volume? For example, instead of lowering the bass volume overall when you feed a kick signal through a compressor, the kick frequencies can actually invert those same frequencies on your bass sound, or you can specify a frequency range to reduce. This technique, is called frequency ducking. I'll be using a kick and bass that are intentionally uncomplimentary.

Step 1: Listen to the un-effected original

Here's a sample of how they sound together without frequency ducking. Put your headphones on, or listen on your studio monitors. This lesson I'd consider 'deep listening,'

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Hi Darren, thanks for this tutorial, one question is, I can't see the drop down menu in my C6? I see you have a larger GUI and more options. Using Live 9. What am I missing?
Darren Burgos
Hi Luke, the C6 "SC (SideChain)" version is the one you need. You should have both. That should do it!

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