Behringer Says Teaser For Classic Drum Machine & Synth Clones "Unfortunate Error"

How easy is it to forget what you've just read? Behringer are hoping we'll forgive their website glitch which unintentionally posted info on a number of synths and drum machines not yet available.  

There's a saying along the lines of, "there's no such thing as bad publicity". Once information about something reaches the world it's very hard to retract it and remove it from the memories of those who have viewed it.

With that in mind Behringer's "unfortunate error" yesterday where they published details on their MusicTribe website relating to a multitude of classic synthesizer and drum machine concept clones they were apparently working on has made an impact and will have stuck in the minds of those who saw the news.

Some cynics amongst us might point out this news impact was a genius marketing move and completely intended. But, Behringer have come out and apologised for the error telling us it was completely unintentional. 

That doesn't mean a Behringer 808, 909, ARP 2600, WASP and other synths are not in the making (or actually are), just that they didn't intend for this information to be published on their website at this point in time. Indeed, we'd expect news on the upcoming Behringer Model D, which was sneaked in to Superbooth back in April 2017, to appear on the website sooner than details of other synths they're working on...

Here's the official company statement from Behringer:

"It was brought to our attention that early this morning a rather unfortunate error occurred on the Behringer product page. This error mistakenly posted information for a number of different product design concepts from our product management repository which is contained and part of an automated backend system for our websites. The cause of the error was due to a website glitch and was completely unintentional. The moment we realized the error, we removed the content.

"As we are owning the mistake, we also feel it’s necessary to inform the public about this error as a sign of good faith. It was not our intention to mislead customers in any way nor use this as a marketing tool. To be perfectly transparent, the leaked information does not imply any availability at this time or even definitive evidence that we intend to officially develop or deliver these products in the future. At this stage, the leaked products are merely concepts and nothing more.

"To be honest we are embarrassed by this glitch and sincerely apologize to you who have been so supportive of our efforts over the years. We greatly appreciate your support and understanding of the situation."

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Behringer, stop everything that you're doing right now and put all development efforts into those products. ALL of them! :D

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