Behringer Polivoks Mini? Do You Wish This Was Real?

While the story we're reporting about a Behringer Polivoks Mini synth clone is not real it does raise an interesting question: are you interested? Do you even care?  

Let me start by stating, to the best of our knowledge - or what we're able to divulge - the reported story of a Behringer Polivoks Mini (especially one spotted at Superbooth 2017) is not true and a story designed to "prank you". But before we emark on a brief overview of the Polivoks and the need for cloned synths... here's my question to you. Are you even interested?

The Polivoks is a duophonic synthesizer maunfactured in the Soviet Union between 1982 and 1990. It's a four-oscialltor, 48-key synth with some unusual features, like "a filter that can be switched from low pass to bandpass and two envelopes that can be looped over the AD sections."

Of course, lots of people on the net will see the original headline, recall the recent flurry of stories about Behringer cloning classic synths and forget this story isn't real. They might even be sitting next to you in a pub or cafe or a synth meetup and start telling you how Behringer are brazen enough to copy the Soviet Polivoks and "features USB MIDI, plus 5-pin DIN MIDI for Input and Thru, a decent amount of CV control, which is especially welcome among the Superbooth crowd. It should cost an astonishingly low $199." 

Again, we don't quite get the significance of a Prank website (but apparently the world has a need for a website dedicated to pranking...) And with so many bonafide stories of clones and "inspired by" analog synths popping out of the woodwork these days, we're not convinced a "fake" story on the Polivoks is of use - though some groups on Facebook appear to think it's a good story...

However, it does give us the opportunity to ask you what you think. Would you be interested in a Behringer clone of the classic Polivoks analog synth? 

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And btw, there was, ironically, a real Polivoks clone / reissue on show at Superbooth 2017. No sound... but you can check it out here from our friends at Sonic State.

And here's a video of a genuine Polivoks in action:

There's some cool synths coming soon... Behringer D (Minimoog clone), Roland SE-02, and others in the works. So stay tuned to AskAudio for more news, reviews and tutorials for synths and music and audio produciton in general.

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