Behringer Deepmind 12 - The Modulation Matrix Explained

With this short hands-on guide to the Deepmind 12's modulation matrix section you'll see how to quickly create dynamic, fluid and interesting sounds without investing too much time and effort.  

Behringer's Deepmind 12 is a phenomenally powerful and great-sounding synth. But wouldn't it be great if someone was on hand to really explain its many workings to you? Well wonder no more, because synth expert Rishabh Rajan is here with this short video from the full course Behringer 101: Deepmind 12 Explained And Explored to guide you through the powerful modulation matrix section of the instrument. 

With some hands-on examples, you'll see how changing various parameters inside the synth's mod section can radically change the way sound is generated and processed. With a few tweaks you'll learn how to create sounds from scratch, morph and mangle tones to create everything from leads through pads and basses to futuristic soundscapes. Check out the other videos on the course to become a Deepmind master!

Watch the full course Behringer 101: Deepmind 12 Explained And Explored in the AskAudio Academy here.  

Behringer 101: Deepmind 12 Explained And Explored

With its 2 DCOs, 4 effect engines, 2 LFOs per voice, 3 ADSR, 8-channel modulation matrix, and 32-step sequencer, Behringer’s DeepMind 12 packs a lot of punch. In this course, our outstanding instructor Rishabh Rajan reveals all about this versatile synth.

Rishabh starts the course with an overview of DeepMind 12’s main parameters and controls. He explains how to mix, match and tweak the two DCOs, and how to sculpt your sound with the High-Pass and the 2/4 pole resonant Low-Pass. You learn to get super rich sound with the Poly controls, and you discover all the modulation possibilities available with the LFOs, envelopes, and modulation matrix. And last but not least, you learn how to bring your synth patches to life with the arpeggiator, sequencer, polychord, and effect section.

So no matter which DeepMind synth your interested in learn everything about Behringer’s analog/digital hybrids in this ear-opening course by synthesis expert Rishabh Rajan.

Watch the full course Behringer 101: Deepmind 12 Explained And Explored in the AskAudio Academy here

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