Behringer Consider Bringing Cool Guitar FX Pedals To Your Eurorack Synthesizer

It's a simple enough idea, bringing a host of quality guitar effects pedals into eurorack format at an uber affordable price per module... but it's also potentially a gamechanger too.

Not content with reimagining some of the most iconic and desired analog synthesizers and drum machine from yesteryear Behringer have their sights set on the eurorack synthesizer community too.

With a nod to what they consider some of the coolest guitar effect pedals, Behringer want to know from you whether the synth community would be interested in a super portable and compact guitar fx rack in eurorack format.

"We want your opinion. What about we transformed some of the coolest guitar effects pedals into the Eurorack format so you could combine them with your Eurorack synths?
Or guitar players could now build a super compact and portable effects rack - perhaps even get connected to the world of synths? We think we could achieve US$ 29 per effect.
Do you think it’s a crazy idea? Shoot..."

The mock up images looks pretty sweet.

Here's the original post from Behringer on Facebook:

We'd recommend commenting on the post below to show your interest, or lack of, so they know.

And with each effect pedal / module at just $29 it might be the most affordable eurorack effects rack ever. We'd be interested to see how good the effects themselves are...

Some of those commenting are very keen and are requesting CV ins and outs (CV and gate control for effect parameters).

[Via: Behringer on Facebook]

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Please go right ahead and not to be too bold, please give me first dabs! Seriously, do it!
I think it's a great idea. Especially if they come with a way to interface pedals I already own.

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