Behringer Cloning The Cat?

Not content with cloning every classic, sacred synth on the planet, Behringer now have their eyes set on cloning our feline friends... or could that be a 70s synth clone of a clone called The Cat?  

OK. We're about to enter strangely familiar yet unchartered territory. Brace yourselves.

So, Behringer just teased another analog synth clone they're working on. This one appears to be a eurorack compatible clone of the 1970s The Cat by Octave. This classic synth is a mono/duo two-oscillator analog monster capable of square and sawtooth and a triangle on VCO 1.

Behringer The Cat clone

It's not big news that Behringer are cloning an analog synthesizer from the 70s... but what does give us a little tickle is that Octave's The Cat, according to VintageSynth, was accused and sued of copying and cloning the ARP Odyssey design. So, in theory, Behringer are cloning a clone.

Octave The Cat synth

Of course, we fully expect Behringer as they have done with the Model D and talked about with prototypes of the RD-808 and others, to expand on what was possible with the original synths and improve upon connectivity by making it eurorack-friendly. 

[Via: MatrixSynth]

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Hey Behringer, if you clone the WASP, you should release the touch keyboard plate as a separate eurorack controller module. Maybe with an arp, transpose, mod slider plate, and capable of at least 3 voices of polyphony. There really aren't a whole lot of affordable, NORMAL-looking, eurorack touch plate keys. They're usually super expensive and weird looking.

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