We've all been waiting eagerly for a ball park price for the upcoming DeepMind 12 12-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer. Now it's here. Uli Behringer posted his recommended price on for all to see.  
Note: According to today's exchange rate $999.99 USD converts to £771 GBP. However, it's rare to find tech gear priced that way for UK and European consumers. More likely will be £900 or more GBP.
DCO 1 & 2 on DeepMind 12 synthesizer
Mock up of the Behringer DeepMind 12 desktop analog synthesizer. 

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Hate the fact th UK is seen off with software/hardware prices. Wasn't this thing designed in Manchester? £700 a quite high, why not sell it to the US for $1200 instead of raising our prices? Still, might seriously consider the desktop version as I've no room for another full size synth.
People still don't get it:
Price in the US is sans VAT.
Your government has decided you have to pay an extra 20% VAT.
Add 20% to the US price and you pay $1200
$1200 equals £922 at the moment so expect to pay around that price.
If UK Brexits before the launch of the synth, expect it to cost £1200 ;)
Hadbf co soldered the tax. Makes me wonder if jail time is worth two hundred dollars.. haha. but yes. I will definitely be on the waiting list!

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