Behringer Announces MonoPoly Synthesizer for 21st Century

The new MonoPoly 4-voice paraphonic synthesiser from Behringer certainly sounds as good as it looks. Check out this video for info and sound demos.  

The original MonoPoly from 1981 was in production for only three years. We suspect the Behringer version will be around for a lot longer. It features the original layout which was a firm favorite for the many artists and bands that used it. 

Here's the first video from Behringer showcasing what this synthesizer can do:

All audio recorded with UMC1820. Some of the solo tracks on demos used the TC Electronic BBD Gauss Tape Echo and Hall Of Fame Reverb pedals.

MonoPoly Main Features

  • Fully analog signal path
  • 4 VCOs (each with four multiple waveshapes per voice)
  • 24dB filter
  • Dedicated Filter for VCO, ADSR envelopes
  • Dual analog LFOs
  • Monophonic, unison or poly modes (up to 4 notes per chord)
  • Chord memory function
  • Pulse Width Modulation, detune options
  • Effects section: cross-modulation, oscillator sync
  • Built-in arpeggiator
  • MIDI In, Out and Thru
  • CV patch points on rear of machine
  • 37-key semi-weighted keyboard
  • 3-angle tilt options

Excited? We're waiting to hear more about availability and street price.

Behringer MonoPoly synthesizer.

If you're in the market for a 4-note polyphony synthesizer of the paraphonic variety then the Behringer MonoPoly might be just what you're looking for. Alternatively, you can wait to find out more info on the upcoming Behringer Poly D also.

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