Behringer Analog Synth Is Polyphonic. Watch 3rd Teaser Video Here

Behringer continue to tease us with video 3 of their upcoming analog synthesizer. Like any good tease, this video reveals a little bit more in terms of info and visuals for this poly synth.  

Continuing on from where video 2 left off, artists like Neil Davidge and Divkid explore the sounds of the upcoming Behringer synth in this new video. Which BTW, is polyphonic. Take a listen.

This video is less blurry than the previous one. It finally feels like Behringer will soon put us out of our misery with a name, a price and further details soon… please, Behringer?

The synth has at least 4 voices. Though we suspect more will be revealed in a future video / specs. Some readers have pointed out, this synth bears more than a passing resemblance to the iconic Roland Juno 60. However, as Marko Ettlich counters, "2 DCO per voice and Sync is not Juno like. The sound is also not Juno like."

Yes, it's that word again.

Yes, it's that word again.

[Via: SonicState

Although there’s no official info on the Behringer website. It can’t be long now! 

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Watch Video #2 here |  Watch Video #1 here

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