Behold The Korg MS-20 Retro Expansion, A Magnificent Synth Mod

Martin Walker has created an expansion for the Korg MS-20 that looks to take it to new heights'¦ literally. If you don't immediately mutter 'wow' you need to check your pulse.  

Here’s what Martin Walker has to say about his latest synth project to mod the MS-20 in a big way.

“My latest synth project is finally complete - behold the Korg MS-20 Mini Retro Expansion, now with FM, PWM, Sync, Diode Ring Mod, Multi Oscillator outputs, enhanced mixer & cherry hardwood side panels! “

It certainly looks impressive. On his website, see link below, Mrtin Walker explains the mods and the creation process in more detail. 

Korg MS-20 Retro Expansion
Korg MS-20 Retro Expansion top-down view

Martin has shared some audio examples of the sync, FM and ring modulation mods in action:




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