Become a Logic Pro X Speed Demon By Learning The Editing Tools

Booker Edwards is a Logic guru. And you can be too. This 6-minute video gives you a quick, but surprisingly in-depth, look at the different editing tools in Logic Pro X.  

Knowing how to select, use and switch the many tools available in Logic Pro X can speed up your workflow when producing and give you different options you might not have realised existed.

Taken from his Logic Pro FastTrack 101: Audio Editing Tips course, in this video tutorial on “Editing Tools Review” Booker Edwards shows how to become quick and efficient in Logic Pro X. You’ll learn the basics of the Left and Command-Click Tool menu, how to assign these to different keyboard shortcuts and why the Pointer Tool and Marquee Tool default setup is very powerful.

Watch the entire course Logic Pro FastTrack 101: Audio Editing Tips here.

More About Logic Pro FastTrack 101: Audio Editing Tips

Many Logic users don’t have the slightest idea how powerful Logic’s audio editing tools really are. You often hear: “I record in Logic, but I edit in Pro Tools". But did you know that more and more top engineers and producers do all their heavy audio editing right in Logic? There’s a reason for that: Editing audio in Logic is really powerful if you know how to use the audio tools!

Do you know about Click Zones? Or how those Snap and Drag modes really work? What about the amazing editing feats that the all-important Marquee Tool can accomplish? If you have any questions about how these and other Logic Pro audio tools and features work, then this course is perfect for you! And there’s no one better to teach these essentials than our Apple Certified Logic Pro Trainer, Booker Edwards!

So watch this FastTrack™ course and quickly learn the essentials of audio editing in Logic Pro X!

Watch the entire course Logic Pro FastTrack 101: Audio Editing Tips here.

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