Become a Bitwig Certified Trainer

Want to become a Bitwig Certified Trainer? There's still time to apply and enroll in the official Bitwig Trainer Certification.

The Bitwig Studio community is expanding fast, and with it the need for learning resources and professional tutoring. To meet this growing need, Bitwig offers professional certification for Bitwig Certified Trainers.

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Become a Bitwig Certified Trainer!

We're proud to present this exclusive event for official Bitwig Trainer Certification. Participate in this train-the-trainer interactive workshop to get your diploma and be certified as a Bitwig Certified Trainer.

The next Trainer Certification event starts June 20, 2022. Led by master instructor and Bitwig certified trainer Trainer Thavius Beck, this exclusive, 4-day certification class consists of 4 interactive live sessions, 9 self-paced on-demand video courses with quizzes, project assignments and a timed final exam. This is a live interactive online workshop, which means that you can participate from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home or studio. Successfully completion qualifies you as a Bitwig Certified Trainer and official recognition as an accredited Bitwig Studio trainer.

-Deep and thorough knowledge of Bitwig Studio
-Teaching Ability
-Advanced music production/sound design skills
-Bitwig Studio License with an active Upgrade Plan

Upon successful completion of the Bitwig Certified Trainer workshop, you will receive the following:

  • Listing on the Bitwig Certified Trainer page
  • Printed certificate and digital Certified Trainer badge
  • Authorization to use the Bitwig Certified Trainer logo and banner
  • Invitation to participate in initial beta testing rounds for future updates of Bitwig Studio
  • Dedicated support
  • Special marketing of your events

Comes with a FREE Full Access Library Pass for the duration of the program


  • Live Lecture 1: Monday, June 20
  • Live Lecture 2: Thursday, June 23
  • Live Lecture 3: Monday, June 27
  • Class Presentation 4: Thursday, June 30

NOTE: All Lectures Begin at 2PM EDT, but replay will be available.

See the Ask.Video classroom page for price, and further information. Space is limited, apply and sign up today. (Only applications from enrolled students will be considered for this exclusive class. If not accepted, you will receive an immediate full refund.)

Meet Your Instructor

Bitwig Certified Trainer Thavius Beck

Bitwig Certified Trainer Thavius Beck

Thavius Beck is an electronic musician/producer/programmer as well as an electronic music educator who has worked with various artists ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Saul Williams to singer/songwriter Skylar Grey.
His previous works are known for their distinctive sound which melds equal parts rock, hip-hop, soul, jazz, industrial, and electronic music, with a heavy focus on deep bass, sample manipulation, and multi-track recording, showcasing his diverse musical influences with everything he makes.

In addition to making and performing his own music, he has held electronic music workshops in multiple countries, developed curriculum for electronic music programs, regularly gives one-on-one tutorials to private students and various artists, and has worked closely with various companies doing product demonstrations, dealer trainings, beta testing, and showcasing the gear that he is most passionate about.

Thavius has worked closely with Bitwig and Ask.Video developing a series of video tutorials. He is also the lead instructor for Bitwig's Trainer certification program.

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