Beat mapping in Logic recently got a quiet (hush, hush) update in the recent Logic Pro X 10.2.1 update. The beat mapping algorithm appears to be better than ever. Joe Albano explores all the options.  

Three in one

Adjust Tempo

Fig 1 Beat Mapping using the Adjust Tempo using Region Length and Locators command

Tap Tempo

Fig 2 Beat Mapping by Tapping Tempo (into a MIDI track)

The Global Beat Mapping track

Fig 3 Manual Beat Mapping in the Global Beat Mapping track
Fig 4 Using the improved automatic algorithm (Beats from Region) in the Global Beat Mapping track

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Edward Cox
Obviously you didn't try this feature too hard. My experience has been far from elegant (Apple's favourite marketing term) - the total antithesis in fact. More than a total mess.
In attempting to get tempo-mapping to do what I want (a 24 bar rubato section at the start; a a 10 bar or so rall at the end) all manner of mayhem has ensued with regions moving all over the place. Especially disappointing is the fact that those midi regions & audio regions were locked to sempte. The bookmarks also changed position and wouldn't be put into place. I had to close and reopen Logic to manage to get that under control.
I'm sure that Logic have good intentions - well at least, I was. Now it seems they put out Logic with a list of wonderful things that we can do with it, and then set back to hear what problems we have in trying to implement those features. Not good enough Apple!!!

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