Bastl Introduce bitRanger, Portable, Patchable Analog Synth at Moogfest

Bastl Instruments have teamed up with Casper Electronics to create bitRanger, a patchable and portable analog synthesizer with flexible connectivity. Ideal for sonic exploration.

Are you a sound explorer? Have you always admired Bastl Instruments' awesome Eurorack synth modules? Do you like the concept of a standalone analog synthesizer that is patchable, portable and perfectly poised to connect and sync with almost anything? Do you have 222 Euros burning a hole in your pocket?

If you answered "yes" to all the above do yourself a favour and check out the new bitRanger from Bastl Instruments. Here's what our friends at Bastl tell us about their new synth... and yes, we at AskAudio will move heaven and earth to get a review of bitRanger as soon as possible...!

L to R: Moog Werkstatt, Bastl bitRanger, Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator

19 May 2016–Bastl Instruments introduces a new product at the Moogfest: the bitRanger designed by Peter Edwards a.k.a. Casper Electronics who moved recently to Brno, Czech Republic to join forces with the Bastl crew. The bitRanger brings together the legacy of the previous products debuted at Moogfest ­ the Werkstatt and the Pocket Operator and bridges both realms of these instruments together. 

The bitRanger is a patchable analog logic computer which sculpts sonic worlds ranging from data noise to melodic arpeggios. While being a handheld standalone synth it is also right at home in the music studio. Extensive connectivity makes it so flexible that it can connect to almost anything: CV control its unique sound, sync it with drum machines and sequencers or use it as an algorithmic CV / GATE pattern generator. 

The patchbay of the bitRanger (in the same style as the Werkstatt) is a place for exploration where you can simply connect outputs to inputs to see what happens. This can be done methodically or with complete experimental abandon. Go nuts! Battery Power and a built-in speaker make the bitRanger totally portable. Tweak it's 4 knobs, 8 switches and more than 100 patch points in the woods, on the beach, on a train and in the studio. 

Patchable, portable, pristine: Bastl bitRanger

There are only 3 places in the world where you can try out the bitRanger: the Moogfest in Durham NC, freshly opened store of Bastl & Casper ­ Detective Squad in Brooklyn NY and original Bastl store Noise Kitchen in Brno Czech Republic. The first limited edition will be available for sale at Moogfest for special price 259 USD. 

BitRanger is available at website for 222 EUR excluding TAX and will be shipping in June. 



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