Babylonwaves Releases Art Conductor for Logic Pro X 10.4

Imagine having 550 articulation sets with over 4800 articulations at your fingertips in Logic Pro X 10.4. This collection from Babylonwaves covers pretty much every orchestra library available.  

Babylonwaves have released the all new Art Conductor for Logic Pro X 10.4 Articulation Sets. The collection holds over 550 presets of all sorts of well known orchestra libraries including titles from Spitfire, Orchestral Tools, Cinematic Samples, Heavyocity, Soundiron and many more.

Art Conductor enable Logic users to control their orchestra articulations conveniently on a per-note basis, without the need to spend hours to program their own templates.

All articulations are sorted in alphabetical order and the most common share the same key switches across all presets. This way you always have e.g. Marcato on D-2 and Spiccato on E-1, independently of the library you’re using.

The same abbreviations are used in every set and the techniques are named in a consistent fashion. In other words, everything is designed to allow composers to focus on their music instead of technicalities.

Here’s a video which shows Art Conductor in action:

All full list of all Articulations Sets included can be found here:

List of Libraries:

  • 8Dio Adagio
  • Audiobro Lass
  • Cinematic Strings 1
  • Cinematic Strings 2
  • Cinematic Studio Strings
  • Embertone Chapman Trumpet + Tuba
  • Heavyocity NOVO
  • Light And Sound Chamber Strings
  • Musical Sampling Adventure Brass
  • Musical Sampling Trailer Brass + Strings
  • Orchestral Tools Berlin Strings
  • Orchestral Tools Berlin Brass
  • Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds
  • Orchestral Tools Metropolis Arc 1 
  • Orchestral Tools Metropolis Arc 2
  • Soundiron Brass Solo
  • Soundiron Brass Ensemble
  • Spitfire Albion ONE
  • Spitfire Albion Tundra
  • Spitfire Albion Iceni
  • Spitfire Bernhard Herrmann
  • Spitfire BML Brass/Strings/Woods
  • Spitfire Chamber Strings
  • Spitfire LCO Strings
  • Spitfire Masse
  • Spitfire Mural
  • Spitfire Phalanx
  • Spitfire Sable
  • Spitfire Sacconi Quartet
  • Spitfire Symphonic Brass/Strings/Woods
  • Subtones Emotional Cello
Babylon Waves Art Conductor for Logic Pro X 10.4

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