Awesome Video Demo of Roland AIRA Scooper Effect Module Vs VT-3 Voice Transformer

Roland's Scooper is a programmable scatter effect module with CV/Gate and its compatible with Eurorack! Here's what happens when you combine it with the AIRA VT-3. The results? Just awesome.  

If you don’t already have a Roland AIRA Scooper effect module (which is Eurorack-friendly by the way), then Roland have created a video of it in action with the VT-3 that’ll probably make you empty your wallet now.

Put your summer holiday on hold, or get a refund if possible, and check out the Scooper! The VT-3 is an excellent voice transformer too, so while the Scooper get the spotlight for its innovative effects and flexibility (its controls can be re-programmed by a computer or tablet!), don’t forget the lo-fi effects and synthetic voice capabilities that is the VT-3.

Here’s what Roland have to say about their video:

“The AIRA Effector SCOOPER Sampler and Scatter is a powerful effect module. In this video, different VT-3 layers are overdubbed to produce a vocal line that can be pitch-shifted, filtered, scattered and looped – all with easy to use controls. Use the SCOOPER to produce random sampler-like effects to any instrument you choose.”

Roland AIRA VT-3

Roland AIRA VT-3

Roland AIRA Scooper Effect Module

Roland AIRA Scooper Effect Module

Be careful this 1.30 video doesn't make you max out your credit card. But, if it does, look on the bright side, the Scooper might be worth it ;)


The Scooper can be found for $299 and the VT03 for $199 USD.

[Via: Matrix Synth]

Learn more about the SCOOPER:

Learn more about the VT-3:


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