Avoid Panning Mistakes With This Monitoring Advice

Bunching up your sounds in the stereo field can cause serious mixing errors, but it might be happening because of poor monitor placement. Joe Albano shows you the solution.  

Panning is much more powerful than simply sending a signal to the left or right of the stereo field. Yes, at its most basic that's what it is, but subtle panning can be the key to making a mix more interesting and involving. But it's important to get it right, and there are plenty of ways in which it's possible to harm a mix with incorrect panning. In this short video from the course Audio Mistakes 105: 10 Common Panning Mistakes, Joe Albano explains the concept of "bunching up" - and why you should avoid it.

Audio Mistakes 105: 10 Common Panning Mistakes

Bunching up, as Joe explains, is the phenomenon where you accidentally or deliberately place multiple sound sources at the same pan positions. This is a problem that can be exacerbated by incorrect placement of monitor speakers, which can be placed too close together in smaller studios, confusing the stereo field and your perception of it.

This can lead to a producer being less able to differentiate between left, right and centre panning positions, and the result is a poor mix. But with the advice Joe gives in this video, you'll learn how to avoid this problem and ensure your panning is on point! Check out the full course for a comprehensive guide to all aspects of panning.

Watch the course Audio Mistakes 105: 10 Common Panning Mistakes in the Ask.Audio Academy | macProVideo | Ask.Video

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