Avoid Disaster With These File Management Tips For FL Studio

Knowing where FL Studio is keeping your audio recordings is vital to avoiding problems. See how to set up a custom destination in this short video.  

When you record audio into FL Studio or any software, that data has to go somewhere and knowing precisely where your DAW is storing your recordings is essential to ensuring it never gets accidentaly lost or deleted. In this short video from the course FL Studio 103: Audio Recording And Editing, Rishabh Rajan shows you how to practice good file management and avoid disaster.

FL Studio 103: Audio Recording And Editing

Rishabh dives into FL Studio's Settings > Files And Folders area to discover where the DAW has decided to store recordings. By default this is in your user data folder. You will see how to create and select a new folder, and even move the contents of the current project into that folder. There's also a handy auto backup feature, which can save your bacon if anything goes wrong during a session.

Once you have made sure your audio is going to the correct destination, whether that's the default folder or one you have specified yourself, you can move on to the important next steps of getting down to producing! Be sure to check out the rest of the videos in this course for a compelte guide to recording and editing audio in FL Studio.

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