AVID Venue S6L System Brings Stadium-Sized Performance With iOS Control

This hardware console packs an incredible amount of features into a small footprint, and now comes with updated iPad and iPhone control for ultimate flexibility.  

AVID's Venue S6L system is a surprisingly compact live sound mixer and control surface that pairs with the new VENUE 6.1 software to provide a high  level of remote control over every aspect of a live performance and mix. It's not exactly cheap, but then its specs are kind of off the scale. Here's what they have to say about it. 

Working in tight spaces? You can now run arena-sized shows on an S6L system that’s ultra-compact and easier to transport. With the new Avid VENUE | S6L-16C control surface, now available, you can configure a new system—or scale down an existing setup—and bring the incredible sound, performance, and efficiency of S6L to the smallest venues.

With VENUE 6.1 software, you can quickly access a host of parameters and views with just a single touch, increasing your efficiency. Get one-touch access to any channel parameter in your system with the Attention on Fader soft key. Access customizable Encoder Assignment parameters with a single button press. And open an expanded view of your Aux Sends with a tap, giving you fast access and better visibility into all of your aux assignments and statuses.

Key Features

  • Get massive mixing efficiency with the ultra-compact S6L-16C control surface
  • Mix faster and easier with new VENUE 6.1 software
  • Remotely trigger events with the FREE new Avid VENUE | Function Pad iOS app

VENUE | S6L enables you to perform up to 128 custom actions/events instantly using its function keys/switches. With the free new VENUE | Function Pad iOS app, which puts wireless remote control of your S6L function keys at your fingertips, you can organize, navigate, and trigger Snapshots and Events from anywhere in the venue using your iPhone or iPad.

There's actually a ton of information about what this powerful system can do that you can read by following the link below. Now it's just a case of saving the pennies...

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