AutoTheory Pro Released: Easily Play Complex Chords & Melodies In Any DAW

Mosaic Beats tell us that AutoTheory PRO gives everyone the power to play any instrument, in any DAW. All you need is the desire to play and a MIDI or QWERTY keyboard.  

AT-P (AutoTheory Pro) is software to empower anyone with the ability to play complex chords and melodies in perfect key. Using either a MIDI keyboard or your QWERTY, you can control up to 8 instruments in any DAW with unparalleled versatility. 

AT-P has 1 goal: to let anyone with a desire to create music, create it with confidence. AT-P uses multiple patented technologies to bring users an arsenal of corrective and workflow enhancing features. 

Here's a video overview of AutoTheory:

The Chord Generator allows users to play through chords in their set key and scale. There are plenty of options to edit individual tones within each chord. 

The Melody Lock dynamically generates tones within each chord played on the CG. Users can play through them naturally or arpeggiate the tones with our intuitive arp mode. 

The MIDI Outputs allow users to control up to 8 instruments in the DAW of their choice. With options to send the whole chord, just the root, and octave adjustments, users are given an unmatched tool to control multiple instruments.


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