Automation Tips For Ableton Live

Automation can add life to an otherwise static arrangement. Fortunately automating parameters in most DAWs is intuitive and easy to do. Mo Volans outlines some essential automation tips in Live.  

Automation is a hugely important part of modern production regardless of the DAW you use, Ableton Live is no exception here and has a huge number of parameters that can be automated.

Lets take a quick look at the most efficient way of dealing with automation both in the arrangement and session views. With these simple techniques under your belt you should be set to add some real interest to static parts and projects.

Automation In The Arrangement Window

This is probably the most common way to add automation to your projects in Ableton Live. Every parameter that can be automated has its own '

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bravoo so goood
Gary Hiebner
Great tips, Mo. Especially the 'applying a groove to a clip'.

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