Audio Plugin Deals - New Shop Offers Money Back For Past And Future Purchases

Take advantage of new discount deals on instrument libraries and bundles, with new offers added daily. Here's how it works.  

Audio Plugin Deals have unveiled something that's been a while in the making - a brand new online store where you can find deep discounts on all manner of sample libraries, plugins and virtual instruments. The company has been offering time-limited deals on certain products since December 2016, but has now expanded and upgraded its online store. There's still the Deal section, which offers one heavily discounted product every 2 weeks but it's now joined by the Shop section, with new products added daily from previous deal developers. 

Check out this video to see how it works. 

But there's more! For any money that you have already spent or spend in the future, you will get 10% back in store rewards to put towards new purchases. So even money that you have spent with them in the past can earn you money!

It is a great way to buy virtual instruments and libraries, and could really save you some cash. The company is also offering the chance to earn a one-off gift of $20 in reward points by writing nice things about them on Facebook.

You can visit the Shop here to check out what's on offer:

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