Audio Evolution Mobile Studio V5, DAW for Android, Gets Massive Update

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio features a virtual analog synthesizer 'Evolution One' based on the very popular Synth One from AudioKit! and plenty more powerful features for music makers.  

eXtream Software Development has released a major update to their DAW, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio V5 for Android devices. This impressive mobile digital audio workstation is available for around $8.99 and comes with a number of features, like a powerful synthesizer based on Synth One from AudioKit!, effects grids, real-time pitch shifting, and much more.

Watch the new features for Audio Evolution Mobile Studio V5:

Curious to learn more Evolution One, the synthesizer included with AEM 5? Check this video out:

New Features Include:

  • Virtual analog synthesizer 'Evolution One' based on the popular Synth One from AudioKit! Featuring morphing oscillators, FM, Sub Osc, Noise, Portamento, 2 LFO's that can be routed to 12 targets, Moog type filtering, effects, ARP, sequencer and more.
  • An effects grid where an unlimited number of effects can be placed on. The second row of the grid can be used to create parallel effect paths. Effects can be re-ordered on the grid, including the volume, EQ and FX Send blocks.
  • Modifiers like LFO and 'Lock to tempo' can be added to an effect parameter or instrument ADSR controls.
  • New look for the standard effects featuring rotary controls with an input and output level meter per effect
  • The Compressor and ToneBoosters Compressor now feature side-chain.
  • Tempo and time signature change: add tempo markers for tempo and time signature changes in the project. Tempo change can also be made gradually between tempo markers.
  • The arranger/timeline screen now features a new user interface: editing of clips can now be done faster without a scroll/edit mode.
  • Added Vocal Tune PRO effect, a much higher quality pitch correction effect for vocals than the original Vocal Tune. Features the ability to add artificial vibrato and displays pitch deviation.
  • Added Toneboosters Barricade V4, EQ V4, ReelBus V4 and Reverb V4 effects (in-app purchase required).
  • Added real-time pitch shifter effect.
  • Added sending of MIDI clock sync and song position pointer to synchronize external MIDI equipment.
  • Improved time stretching algorithm.
  • Added triplet options to the drum pattern editor
  • and a lot more smaller improvements...

These new features will come to the iOS version during the course of the year.

It's refreshingly healthy to see the Android version of a music making app given priority over the iOS version, when iOS is arguably a more mature platform and ecosystem for audio and music making apps.

Audio Evolution Mobile sets the standard for music creation, mixing and editing on Android at a very affordable price of $8.99 (prices may vary by country). Next to supporting the device's mic, it features a custom developed USB audio driver that bypasses the limits of the Android audio system, providing lower latency and recording and playback at any resolution and sample rate that the USB audio interface supports (in-app purchase required).

The app can be purchased from the Google Play Store:



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