Ask.Video Releases Enhanced Phoenix Pro AI

11 years ago we released the revolutionary, AI driven guitar plugin: Phoenix Pro. That was just the beginning!

Phoenix Pro turns any crappy guitar solo into a virtuoso performance. 

Are you excited about the latest advancements in artificial intelligence? We sure are! That's why we're developing a whole suite of AI audio plugins based upon our groundbreaking AI technology that can turn any amatuer musician into a professional, no matter the instrument or voice.

Check out our original Phoenix Pro guitar plugin:

Phoenix Pro revolutionized the guitar world, but that's just the beginning. We're currently working on plugins for every musical instrument including tuba and cowbells. We've even developed tech that turns any dusty old pop song into a killer electronic dance track, all with a simple turn of a knob.   

You can look for a free version of Phoenix Pro AI and learn more about everything music tech at

Look for a new AI plugin introduced every year on April first.


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