Ask.Audio Caption Contest: Making Music At The Airport

Get into the Christmas / Festive season groove with our quick and easy caption contest. It's easy (and hopefully fun)!  

If you're reading this the day we published it, Merry Christmas! If you're not... well, Merry Christmas anyway!

For a bit of fun here's a mini-caption contest where the prize is that warm feeling in your musical belly and kudos amongst your peers.

Here's a, ahem, typical airport scene with a few extras thrown in that we personally think would make air travel more interesting...

Ask.Audio At The Airport

Caption Contest. Let us know in the comments below OR on our Facebook Page here:

 So, there's 5 pieces of modern music gear (software and hardware). Can you identify them all?

And if you're feeling skillful with words share it! Either add a comment below this post, or add a comment to our Facebook post here.

Thanks for reading and following the news, reviews, tutorials and interviews on Ask.Audio in 2015. All of us here at Ask.Audio wish you a very relaxing, creative, and musical festive season. :)


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Universal Audio Apollo Audio Interface, MS-20 mini, blue yeti microphone, Ableton Live, TB-3

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