ASCAP Members To Get More Money For US Music Plays On YouTube

Good news for ASCAP members. Your music played on YouTube should now begin generating improved royalties. Here's how this multi-year agreement between YouTube and ASCAP might affect you.  

One of the most annoying aspects for musicians in the world of YouTube and Spotify is the small amount of revenue possible through performance rights. Even thousands of plays can result in just a few dollars. Certainly not enough for an income unless you reach hundreds of thousands or millions of views / plays for a number of your musical works.

Well, ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, are looking to change this in a positive way for their members. They have signed a multi-year agreement with YouTube "to work together to ensure that ASCAP members get paid more fairly and accurately for the use of their music on YouTube."

Here's more on this deal from Beth Matthews, ASCAP CEO, which should result in a positive impact on your bank balance:

"Our primary mission at ASCAP is to protect the value of our members’ music and increase the overall economic return from your work. Today, we have announced that we are delivering on that promise with a new licensing and data collaboration agreement we have signed with YouTube."

This multi-year agreement achieves two important ASCAP goals:

  • The deal substantially increases the overall compensation for our members from YouTube.
  • The deal continues to propel ASCAP’s ongoing transformation strategy to lead the industry to more accurate and reliable data. This ensures that more money goes to you – our members – the women and men whose creative works fuel the digital music economy.

"The data collaboration with YouTube is just one example of how ASCAP is transforming to stay ahead of massive changes in the music industry in ways that will benefit our members today and in the future. Other examples include ASCAP’s recent data strategy agreement with Nielsen and our landmark Blockchain initiative with sister societies SACEM and PRS for Music.

"All of these data initiatives, coupled with ASCAP’s vast database, will improve the accuracy and reliability of the metadata attached to your works in the global market, and will move us closer to making the essential links between the sound recordings and compositions. This is important because making those links means that more money ends up in the pockets of our songwriter, composer and publisher members.

"We will be sharing more details with you on YouTube tracking, matching and distributions as we begin to operationalize this new license and data exchange with YouTube.

"As we continue to transform ASCAP to stay ahead in the industry, we also remain committed to leading the fight toward legislative and other solutions that will allow us to achieve market rates for your work. Thank you to all of you who have actively joined us in these efforts to modernize music licensing laws through legislation and updates to the antiquated ASCAP Consent Decree with the Department of Justice. If you have not already done so, you can join with us in advocating for your rights and the rights of all music creators."



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