Arturia's FX Collection 2.1: What’s new?

Arturia's FX Collection 2.1 is here, with Apple M1 native support and more...

The premium sound of industry-leading studios, the trailblazing creativity of contemporary effects, the immediate flexibility of cutting-edge software, distilled into 22 versatile and inspiring plugins for today’s producers; now better than ever. 

Apple M1 compatibility

FX Collection 2’s instruments can now run smoothly with native support for Apple’s next-generation M1 processors, ensuring flawless performance on the latest macOS machines.

Bug fixes & enhancements

Arturia's engineers have made a number of tweaks behind the scenes to ensure that FX Collection 2’s plugins run quicker, smoother, and easier than ever before, so you can get creative unhindered.

NKS Certified

Every title in FX Collection 2 is now ready for Native Kontrol Standard implementation, ensuring a fluid workflow alongside the rest of your virtual instruments and effects.

Your dream studio re-engineered

The result of decades of research, unparalleled modeling technology, and a true passion for audio quality, FX Collection 2 is a curated suite of 22 inspiring & essential plugins, including vintage analog preamps, classic guitar effects, iconic compressors, and so much more.

The Arturia FX Collection 2 Explored

Arturia FX Collection 2 course

With a total of 22 iconic effects, ranging from vintage modulation and delay effects to recreation of rare bus processors and compressors, the Arturia's FX Collection 2 offers incredible value for the money. These "Audio effects you'll actually use" are authentic emulations of legendary audio processing hardware units with added modern features. Discover all that this comprehensive FX bundle has to offer in this in-depth course. Expert trainer Joe Albano is here to reveal how to get the most of this incredible FX collection while uncovering the history behind these 22 powerful audio processors.



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