Arturia Summer Sale

Celebrate the Summer & treat yourself to 50% off something new - for every style, for every flow.

Arturia's Summer Sale has started, this time offering 50% off all individual software instruments, effects, and sound banks, for all users. These savings offer the perfect opportunity for creatives to choose certain titles or sounds to suit their style and expand their DAW production libraries.

Arturia Summer Sale

Here’s what’s included...

50% off software instruments

Get 50% off software instruments. Full-spectrum modern production synths, irresistible vintage keyboard emulations, dynamic hybrid instruments, and everything in between.

Including: Analog Lab V, Pigments, Augmented BRASS, and more

50% off software effects

Get 50% off software effects. From coveted studio compressors to next-level granular processing exploration, discover effects built to change the production game.

Including: Rotary CLS-222, Rev LX-24, Filter MS-20, and more

50% off sound banks

Get 50% off sound banks. Expertly-crafted sounds for every style, inspired by popular genres, trailblazing artists, and unique instruments - something for everyone.

Including: Futuristic Voices, Experimental Pop 1.0, Nhar On Pigments and more

AskVideo Arturia Courses 

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