Arturia Reveal MatrixBrute Preset Management System in This Video

The Arturia MatrixBrute is coming soon. And this useful video of this beast of a synthesizer from Arturia explores preset management and control from your DAW.  

It feels like a long time since we first saw the MatrixBrute at NAMM 2016. But time hasn't stood still for Arturia. Behind the scenes they've been hard at work on MatrixBrute and even had time to create and release the most exciting analog drum machine of recent times, the DrumBrute.

Bu back to the MatrixBrute. This synthesizer has a lot of promise and if you've been following along with the official Arturia videos you'll have got a sense of what it's capable of in terms of the oscillators, filter, modulation, etc. Video #7 is now out and shows how this awesome analog synthesizer deals with saving and recalling presets amongst other things like sending notes via MIDI to your DAW.

One of the features I am always curious about with analog synths that promise presets is how they have chosen to bridge the issue with the physical position of a control or knob being different to the position when it was saved. 

Arturia have three different modes for the potentiometers to help with this: Jump mode, Hook mode and Scaled mode. Got to 04:01 in the video.


More on Arturia MatrixBrute:

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Will an equivalent be created for the drumbrute?
It is very impressive that Arturia grew from a software developer into a company that now is synonomous with great hardware. I really think that they will be remembered in 10 years from now with the same love like Roland or Korg. These companies should really step up their game to be on par, Arturia is for now THE most innovative company regarding analog machines (not to mention the AWESOME DrumBrute...). Simply the most attractive analog hardware right now.

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