Arturia Releases Statement: Keystep vs Behringer Swing

When Behringer announced the imminent release of Swing, a MIDI controller and sequencer that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Arturia Keystep, heated discussions ensued.  

There are those who are happy to see Behringer making Swing, a MIDI keyboard controller and sequencer in the style of the Arturia Keystep for €10 less... and there have been many who are upset by this move and feel it's a clone too far.

The internet can be relied on for extreme and feverish claims, rumors and brand-bashing... Some people in the music making community, without any inside knowledge it appears, claimed Behringer would have bought the rights from Arturia and/or the original designer (Axel Hartmann of Design Box). Others, in a more measured manner, lamented that Behringer could have created a controller which looked different to Arturia's popular KeyStep, or improved upon it.

We took the role of simply reporting the news and allowing our audience to make up their own mind. That wasn't welcomed in some corners either which goes to prove you can't please everyone!!

Anyway, back to the MIDI controller In response to the arrival of the Behringer Swing, to quell any rumours, the CEO of Arturia, Frédéric Brun, has released a public comment in the Simply Synthesizers Facebook group:

Hello everyone,

We have been informed on Sunday November the 22nd of the upcoming release of a new product called Swing, by Behringer.

This product is in no way the result of a partnership between Arturia and Behringer.
We have worked hard to create the _Step range. We have invested time and money to imagine, specify, develop, test and market the KeyStep. Along our distributors we have been evangelizing this product, placing it in stores, explaining it, servicing it.

Of course we accept competition, and would absolutely understand that Berhinger give their own interpretation of a small and smart controller that would also be a sequencer. Others do, we have no problem with that and see good for the customer, as well as for the industry, in fair competition.

But this is not fair competition here. Coco Chanel once said: “If you want to be original, be ready to be copied”. So we could in a way consider the Swing as a compliment.

We could.

In any case, thank you, everyone who came out and supported us these past 36 hours! It's been very helpful, very much appreciated.

Frédéric Brun
Co-founder and CEO, Arturia

We're interested at this stage to see how Behringer move forward as the Swing is the first in a new range of MIDI controllers. And, as always, we strive not to tell you how to think, but present the information which can inform you and, hopefully, give you the tools to go and make music, design sounds, record a band, be creative, etc!


Via: Simply Synthesizers on Facebook

Learn more about Behringer Swing here.

Learn more about Arturia KeyStep here.




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