Arturia releases Pigments 3.5

The team at Arturia keeps on improving their original state-of-the-art synth, Pigments. Version 3.5 is here, and free for all existing Pigments users!

This free update launches Pigments into a new era of sound, exploring the intricate colors, textures, and energies at the frontiers of electronic music production, from trap to grime to future bass.

Pigments 3


What's New

Introduce cross modulation between engines 1 and 2. Either engine can be used as a modulation source, with a number of parameters to customize for wild harmonics, unusual waveforms, and extreme sonic results.

New Distortion Module
Pigments 3.5’s new Distortion Module combines 16 modes of distortion with built-in filtering, for everything from bubbling germanium fuzz to jagged wavefolding, soft saturation or pure filth.

Expanded Comb Filter
Pigments' comb filter now comes with 3 new damped modes; LP6, BP6, and HP6. These filter out certain frequencies in the feedback loop for unique sounds like ambient plucks, shimmering bowed leads, and much more.

Apple M1 compatibility
Enjoy native support for Apple’s next-generation M1 processors, ensuring flawless Pigments performance on the latest macOS machines.

New Wavetables
Pigments 3.5 features dozens of new wavetables inspired by molecular structures, mineral textures, and aggressive modern timbres.

Enhanced Sample Engine Browser
This now features subfolders and one-click sample preview.

Streamlined GUI
A number of subtle menu redesigns and workflow improvements to streamline your sound design process.

150+ New Factory Presets
Pigments 3.5 introduces 150 new patches exploring the massive potential of new features like CrossMod, Comb Filter, and more.


Learn Pigments at Ask.Video

Explore this powerhouse synth inside out in this 2 hour 22 minutes course with sound design pro Rishabh Rajan.

AskVideo Pigments Course


Introduction deal until January 6th 2022

Celebrate the launch of Pigments 3.5 with generous introductory offers and exclusive sounds for new and existing users alike.

For existing Pigments users, this update is free of charge. You’ll also be able to get the exclusive Energy Triad Pack with 3 new Sound Banks for 29,99€/$, for a limited time.

For new Pigments users, the latest version is available to buy at 99€/$ (worth 199€/$), with the Energy Triad Pack included at no additional cost.

Registered Arturia customers will be eligible for a personal introductory offer, and can simply login to redeem.

Intro offers end on January 6th, 2022.



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