Arturia introduces MiniFreak V Standalone Virtual Instrument

Arturia's MiniFreak V merges digital and virtual analog elements to create unique modulation, sequencing, and effects. Now available at an introductory price!

In 2022, Arturia launched MiniFreak, a powerful & expressive hybrid synth keyboard. Continuing the brand’s legacy of bridging the gap between hardware and software, it came accompanied by MiniFreak V, a software mirror-image of MiniFreak: for 2023, Arturia is making MiniFreak V available as a standalone virtual instrument plugin.

The hardware version of the MiniFreak, launched in 2022

The hardware version of the MiniFreak, launched in 2022

Striking the perfect balance between analog & digital, order & chaos, beauty & beast, MiniFreak V is a virtual instrument fusing digital sound engines with modeled analog filters, spontaneous modulation, playful sequencing, and rich stereo FX like nothing before it.

MiniFreak V 

A new hybrid sound

Discover endless sonic sweet spots, from the curious to the graceful to the ultra-fat, courtesy of MiniFreak V’s experimental architecture and spontaneous workflow.

Like-for-like sound
Enjoy indistinguishable hybrid sound in your DAW & as a standalone plugin with MiniFreak V’s dual engines, modeled analog filters, and lush stereo FX - a Freaky all in one.

Express & automate
Make MiniFreak V work for your sound and your projects by sequencing, automating, or programming expression in your DAW.

The MiniFreak V Sequencer

The MiniFreak V Sequencer

Deep sound design
Tap into MiniFreak V’s like-for-like modulation matrix, fire up multiple instances, and create a plethora of wild & inspiring sounds without hardware limitations.

MiniFreak integration
Seamlessly exchange and edit presets, control MiniFreak V’s parameters, and perform expressively by connecting MiniFreak with MiniFreak V.

The MiniFreak V Matrix

Intro offer until February 2nd 2023

Arturia is celebrating the launch of MiniFreak V with exclusive introductory offers for new and existing users alike.
All users can enjoy limited-time discounts on MiniFreak V itself, or pair it with the latest version of V Collection 9, Arturia’s ultimate software instrument suite, until February 2nd, 2023.
Intro offers end on February 2nd, 2023.

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