Arturia Announces MiniBrute 2S Semi-Modular Analog Sequencing Synth + Review

If you like the look of the new MiniBrute 2 analog synth from Arturia, are impressed by the BeatStep Pro, and wish the two could be combined, you're in luck. Full details and video review inside.

In the space of two days Aruria have shaken up the synthesizer and modular synth world with two intriguing announcements. Yesterday we saw the new MiniBrute 2 analog mono synth with a 48-patch bay that plays nice with Eurorack. Today sees the even more exciting announcement of the MiniBrute 2S.

MiniBrute 2S looks like the lovechild of the Beatstep Pro and the MiniBrute 2. And if you're familiar with the DrumBrute form factor you'll feel at home with this powerful synth and sequencer immediately. This semi-modular analog monosynth takes the MiniBrute 2 features and blends it with the Beatstep Pro resulting in a rather tasty triple-layer sequencer instead of a keyboard. It's priced the same as the MiniBrute 2 which is another bonus.

Here's an early video review of the MiniBrute 2S by the awesome Loopop:

And here's the full press release with all the details you need to get hooked on the MiniBrute 2S direct from our friends at Arturia:

MiniBrute 2S is a sophisticated analog monosynth sharing the signal creation, sound shaping power, and modular capabilities also found in the newly announced MiniBrute 2. It replaces its keyboard with a set of performance pads as well as an advanced, intuitive and addictive, triple-layer sequencer with space to save up to 64 sequences, and the ability to chain them together to create flowing performances. Its multiple layers not only let you create melodic sequences, but also create extra levels of parameter automation to really make your music come alive.

To get a good look at MiniBrute 2S in action, and to hear how it sounds, check out the official Arturia MiniBrute 2S announcement video:

Perfectly geared toward the modern musician, MiniBrute 2S is a synth that promises to bring every element of your creative environment together, and unleash the true potential of modularity. As the keyboard-based version MiniBrute 2, MiniBrute 2S features semi-modular architecture, giving users the chance to rework its internal signal routing by patching into its comprehensive CV/Gate patch bay. The MiniBrute 2S can also take a commanding role in your modular setup, letting you use external modules to affect its sound, or send signals or sequences from the MiniBrute 2S to your Eurorack modules.

The MiniBrute 2S features the new Arturia Link.

Arturia’s latest small-but-mighty monosynths are the successors to their debut analog instrument, the MiniBrute. The first incarnation was released in 2012, and turned the industry on its head, offering a unique, affordable analog synth experience with attitude. The MiniBrute 2S features many of the amazing features that made its predecessor a must-have instrument, including mixable waveforms, the acidic Steiner-Parker filter, and the chaotic Brute Factor.

MiniBrute 2S also features the all-new Arturia Link, an exciting innovation that will help unify and democratize your creative environment. To find out more information on the Link system and how it integrates with other devices, stay tuned for more Arturia product announcements, and all of your questions shall be answered.

To get hands on with all 3 of the new products, find Arturia at NAMM 2018. We’ll be at booth #11910.

It is not over! Tomorrow (17 January 2018) Arturia will announce another product. Make sure to check here at AskAudio and here to stay informed: 

Price: $649 / EURO 649

Available: March 2018


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Smart decision. I like the Keyboard version but people were complaining about the 2 octave range so a module-esque version is a smart choice for Arturia. This one is like a Roland MC-202.

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