Are You A Microphone Snob? Not Sure Which Studio Vocal Microphone To Choose? Watch This.

The large diaphragm condenser microphone is the most common choice for vocal recording. But do you NEED to spend a fortune? Joe Albano explores the mic choices that won't necessarily bankrupt you.  

If you’re only after the most famous branded, vintage condenser microphone for recording vocals, for example the Neumann U47,  then of course you’ll be paying through the nose. But is it really necessary to go for the highest price microphone? Or more to the point, is a super expensive microphone what you need to make your vocal performances shine?

In this 8 minute video taken from 10 Common Vocal Recording Mistakes, Joe Albano explores the different microphone types from vintage through to modern, cheaper vocal condensers.

So, don’t be a microphone snob. If you can afford a Neumann U87 (worth around $3000) then fantastic, and you probably won’t regret the investment. But, if you can’t, then you don’t have to remortgage your house in order to record excellent vocals in your studio. There are options at half or a third of the price that can do an excellent job. 

Watch the complete course, 10 Common Vocal Recording Mistakes. 

Course Overview

10 Common Vocal Recording Mistakes

When recording vocals (or any kind of live instrument) so many things can go wrong! Unfortunately, if audio is recorded poorly, it’s often really hard to fix it later. That’s why we brought in our "mistakes expert", Joe Albano, to create this 10 Vocal Recording Mistakes course. With a few simple but important guidelines, you will learn to keep your mistakes at a minimum!

Joe explains why certain mics are better at recording vocals than others and how proper set-up techniques can make all the difference. He also explains how lack of attention to proximity can absolutely make or break a track. This is followed by a bunch of other important tips including the psychology behind how to inspire the best performance from vocalists.

Mistakes are all a part of the learning process, especially if you understand and correct them. That’s what this Vocal Recording Mistakes course is all about. You get the luxury of learning from OUR mistakes so that YOU don’t have to make them yourself!

Watch the complete course, 10 Common Vocal Recording Mistakes.


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