Apple Releases Logic Pro X 10.4.4. Here's What's New

A new update for Logic Pro X is now available. There's literally just two new additions to Logic Pro 10.4.4. Here's what's new!  

The night before NAMM (January for those unaware of the world's biggest music industry trade show) for the past few years Apple have released a significant new version or update for Logic Pro, their flagship DAW. In a break from this rather tasty trend, some 10 days before NAMM 2019 is set to begin, Apple have pushed out Logic Pro X 10.4.4 nice and early... and there's not a whole lot of new features to get excited about either.

Yes, Logic Pro X 10.4.4 is primarily a maintenance update. But, seeing as this has been released just before NAMM it seems unlikely that we'll see a major new version (Logic Pro 11?) coming within the next few weeks. On the other hand, some might say a small maintenance only update for Logic Pro X suggests Apple are readying a larger version or new update sometime soon... time will tell.

Back to the now. With little fanfare or revelry, unless you've been afflicted by the rare auto backup bug, here's what's new in Logic Pro X 10.4.4:

  • Fixes an issue in which Logic Pro was not creating Auto Backups correctly.
  • Includes stability improvements.

It's always good to see Apple putting some love into Logic Pro... and maintenance and bug fix updates are often more important for the pro user than new synths and other bells and whistles... anyway, it's free and available to download now from the Mac App Store!

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Well, they released a maintenance update (10.3.3) in mid-December 2017 and a significant upgrade (10.4) just before Winter NAMM 2018. Sure, it’s an even shorter timeframe, this year. But they could still come out with 10.5 at the big show.
Don’t think they’re coming with “11” soon. They could stay on the 10 cycle for years with no issue.
Plus, they could easily come out with new iOS products. Many of us have been dreaming of MainStage or Logic for iPad Pro. It sounds like it should happen, eventually. If they do slow down on the desktop upgrades, maybe the time is right to launch some major first party apps on their most important platform.

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